photos: Uwe Jonas, Margret Uhrmeister (middle below, right below), Birgit Anna Schumacher (right below)
within 'space thinks', temporary interventions in Berlin/Neukölln, 2008
Gilding Rixdorf
Gilding Rixdorf initiated a process of 'poetic atmospheric charging' of the residential area of Rixdorf, part of Berlin district Neukölln. Artist Matthias Schamp, airborne in a hot-air balloon, hovered over Rixdorf, and from this elevation blew out an ounce of gold dust into the air. These particles of gold dust were caught up by the wind and thus distributed throughout the city below; they landed on Rixdorf and worked their own various effects.
This subtle process of effecting changes was supported by a campaign aimed at raising the awareness of the project among the locals. Its main component was the tangible presence of artist Matthias Schamp at Rixdorf itself. During the month of his residence he deliberately kept himself visible in public spaces most of the time.
Admittedly, the amount of gold dust was tiny, compared to the size of Rixdorf: you won't be able to see it, although undeniably it is there. However, it works its effect according to the principles of homeopathy, where minimal particles of a substance still affect the organism. In this context, a change of perspective will alter our perception of the whole district.
Like a real-life fairytale, Gilding Rixdorf penetrated the awareness of the locals and became part of their small talk and memory. Rixdorf does possess its own share of intrinsic beauty and value, which are set off by the artistic process.
Hot-air balloon ride on 17 November 2008