Sunderland (England) 2001
Mönchengladbach (Germany) 2006
Basel (Switzerland), 2007
Siegburg (Germany), 2007
Istanbul (Turkey) 2007
Delden (Netherland) 2008
Essen (Germany) 2011
Actors, wearing T-shirts with the inscription SHOP/WINDOW/READING and carrying megaphones, walk along the local shopping precinct. As the stride along, they deliberately read out loud nothing but the words and messages found on the front of buildings, in the shop windows, or on the bags and clothes of pedestrians, thus alerting people's minds to the kind of information that normally works on a subconscious level. After this brief emergence, the messages fade back into the unconscious.
Bochum (Germany) 1990
Zurich (Switzerland) 1993
Stuttgart (Germany) 1997
a public event by Matthias Schamp
A passers-by:
"I don't believe a word."
Videostills, Sunderland 2001
in collaboration with Kulturbüro
Essen within 'Kulturpfadfest'
in collaboration with
ProjektRaum Zürich
within 'Kunstachse Kortumstraße'
in collaboration with Oberwelt e.V.
in collaboration with Museum Siegburg to
28th Siegburger Literaturwoche
in collaboration with Northern
Gallery for Contemporary Art
in collaboration with MG City-
Management within 'MÖMENTA'
in collaboration with Galerie
Umtrieb to Scope Basel
in collaboration with santralistanbul
within 'Transfer Türkiye-NRW'
in collaboration with MIKC
within 'Waste Not - Want Not'