The 'Trilogy of red-and-white actions',  as an ensemble, was first shown at Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld. It consists of 'Steamboat Chimney-Performance' (foreground: steamboat chimney-stack costume), 'Canvans Blind-Correspondence' (background), and 'I as the white Crossbeam of a No-Entry-Sign'. The interrelation of these three works does not merely consist in their colour scheme, but in their specific relationship with, and balance of, the horizontal and the vertical. Thus they provide a significant contribution towards the exploration of these fundamental constituents of any image structure.
Steamboat Chimney-Performance
I as the white Crossbeam of a No-Entry-Sign
within the exhibition 'Quer Geschnitten!', 2009
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum Krefeld
photos: Schamp (above and below left), Claudia Heinrich (below right)