With Gilbert Geister, an INVERSION OF AN EXHIBITION was staged. This consisted of a nearly bare exhibition space, with just a pedestal, and a batch of comic albums on top. These had been produced, especially for the occasion, by Schamp (story) and Geister (pictures). The greater part of the edition was stacked against a wall. The 'real' exhibition was the one staged within the album.
Within the album, there is another exhibition space with a pedestal. On top of this there is an amorphous green mass called "The Gulp". The Gulp gobbles up whatever touches him. That which is this mass within the comic, is the Comic in the 'live' exhibition. Not only because it, too, is called "The Gulp" (title). Not only because of its analogous position (on the pedestal). But also because this special Comic gobbles up any parts of reality it encounters. Even real-life members of Dortmund Kunstverein, portrayed beforehand during various sessions, have become part of it.
'Der Gulp – Inversion of an exhibition' (with Gilbert Geister), 2008
Dortmunder Kunstverein
photos: Gilbert Geister